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How Not to Incorporate Bathroom Fixtures into Your Home

Are you renovating your bathroom or installing new bathroom fixtures? New bathroom faucets, a nice toilet paper holder or unique shower rod accessories will each add their own flavor and pizzazz to your bathroom decor. There are a few oversights, though, that you want to avoid when installing your bathroom fixtures to ensure optimum usage and enjoyment from each hardware item.

  1. Out of reach: One of the most common mistakes people make when installing bathroom fixtures is miscalculating, or not calculating at all, the location of the installation. Nobody wants to have to lunge for the toilet paper roll because the toilet paper holder is too far from their present location. In the same vein, it is aggravating to have to get out of the shower to get your towel from the towel bar across the room. Equally frustrating is picking up your wet towel from the floor because the hook was too far and you thought you could just prop it up against something. Do yourself a favor and measure the appropriate distance from a bathroom fixture to the desired location.

  2. Skimping on the hardware: Remember how frustrating it was getting your towel wet because it fell on the floor? The same issue arises when the towel bar and other bathroom fixtures are not properly installed. Rather than supporting the weight of the item being hung, hooks, towel rings, and bars simply cave in to the pressure, and fall, taking their once-dry cargo with them. Install your towel bars, shower rod accessories, and other hanging bathroom fixtures carefully, use all the necessary screws and hardware and test them to ensure they will be able to support the load you are planning on heaving upon it. This will save much aggravation in the future.

  3. Not buying rust-resistant materials: Trying to save a few pennies by going for the cheaper bathroom fixtures? This is a guaranteed recipe for spending a lot more money in the future. Because these ''bargains'' are made from cheap quality materials, your bathroom fixture will begin to rust, stain and corrode within a short amount of time. Then you will either have to live with an unsightly fixture, one which will usually work inefficiently soon after it begins to corrode, or replace these bathroom fixtures with new ones, completely nullifying your past savings. Save time, money and frustration by purchasing quality products from trusted names such as Amerock Hardware or Top Knobs Hardware. Be sure that the items are made from rust-resistant materials only.

  4. Buying too many or too few bathroom accessories: When purchasing bathroom fixtures, it is imperative to take into consideration the size of the bathroom you are furnishing. As beautiful as they may look in the showroom, a small bathroom has no room for two nickel towel bars or an extra console. On the other hand, a spacious bathroom should be decorated appropriately with multiple fixtures such as additional an toilet paper holder or a towel bar with shelf, especially if one item cannot be accessed from an area of the room that might require it.

  5. Not taking location into consideration: The bathroom next door to the supplies closet hardly has a need for a multiple-roll toilet paper holder. However, a guest bathroom or a bathroom that is on another floor from the towel cupboard would certainly be enhanced by a towel bar with shelf that can be stocked with extra hand, body or face towels. Still further, a kids' bathroom is definitely not the place for designer porcelain bathroom fixtures, where as the master bathroom would look stylish with this addition. Take location into consideration to ensure that you are facilitating everyone's needs properly.
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